The Georgia Small Business Capital Fund is dedicated to providing professional small business financing and support services to small business through non-profit intermediaries in the State of Georgia. This Corporation will strive for socio-economic improvement for all citizens through the expansion of small business by systematic focus
on equitable access to: capital, management assistance and business opportunities for all segments of our community. Through these efforts this Corporation will create employment for low or moderate income people and revitalize low income communities.

The Georgia Capital Fund is a private, non-profit, organization made up of three MicroLenders and CDFI’s in the State of Georgia. Access to Capital (ACE) is located in North Georgia. ACE serves 68 counties. Albany Community Together (ACT) offers funding to 38 counties in southwestern GA and the Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC) covers 53 counties in South to Southeastern GA.

In short, it is the intent of the GSBCF to invest monies in existing, expanding businesses through non-profit organizations that will create or retain jobs, provide a positive economic impact within its area of operations.

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